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Make more food from scratch.

Check out this great article in Pizza Today by our buddy, and World Pizza Champions BigTray team member, Mike Bausch.

The article is focused on independent pizza shops, but is a good read for any independent food service operation, and Mike's message is clear: Make more food from scratch.

One of the advantages of being an independent is that you can choose to make your product however you want, so why not make it better than what you can get from the broadliner

If you have followed the trends in food service for any length of time you will know that independents and smaller shops can often bring a better quality product to market than their larger competitors. Think about microbrews or small coffee roasters. Sure, big beer brewers or coffee companies aren't going anywhere, but no one can deny the claim that small companies have made on the market with higher quality products.

House-made signature menu items will make your shop stand out because your shop will be the only place where people can get the great food on your menu. It might sound like more work, but if that extra work means higher profit margins, at the end of the day isn't it worth it? You don't have to make anything from scratch during your rush hour either. Add a couple more recipes to your regular prep schedule, see how it goes and maybe you can get those expensive frozen meatballs off your order sheets.

But don't take it from us, take it from Mike Bausch and Pizza Today!

5 Things You Should be Making From Scratch

A one-time investment in the right piece of equipment might be great move if you want to make more items in-house. If you have questions about equipment for a new project or recipe, Ask REA! We'll find the right equipment for you and we promise to never ever try and sell you any frozen meatballs!

You can talk with Mike Bausch and see him compete in person at this years International Pizza Expo.

We'll be there too!

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