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How Much for a New Restaurant?

Q: Hello, I'm wondering how much it will cost to open a restaurant. I know that dishes will cost a lot and I was wondering how much it would probably be for all the supplies that I would need, that would also contain: Espresso machine, mixers, blenders, and etc. Thank you so much.

A: The equipment on your list will certainly be a part of your opening expenses, but there are a lot of other initial costs you should plan for as well, like construction, other equipment or smallware items to finish up your kitchen, and don't forget ongoing costs like rent, utilities, insurance, food costs, payroll and permits to name a few.

Every restaurant is different, so it's impossible to answer your question with a specific dollar amount, but keep working on your project and you will get there.

We can help you calculate your equipment costs. Once you have gotten a good idea of your concept, menu, and location put together an equipment list and send it over to one of our equipment experts. They can take a look at what you have and help you narrow down your choices or suggest other options you might have missed.

You can contact our equipment experts by phone, 1-800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729) or email,

Opening a new restaurant is a lot of work, but we can help!

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