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How do I Start a Restaurant Business?

Q: How do I Start a Restaurant Business? A: Opening your own restaurant can be a rewarding way to start a small business. Here are some of the basic steps to get going.

While they are listed generally in sequence, you'll most likely need to work on several of these at a time to get from empty to open.

  • Decide on your concept & menu

  • Finalize a business plan, budget & funding

  • Secure a desirable location

  • Hire a contractor

  • Setup insurance, banking & credit card processing accounts

  • Apply for state & local permits/licenses/inspections

  • Plan layouts for the dining area & kitchen

  • Purchase restaurant equipment & supplies (at, of course)

  • Setup accounts with food purveyors

  • Print menus, signs & other graphics

  • Make a plan for bookkeeping & point of sale (POS system)

  • Begin promotion with website, press releases etc.

  • Confirm state & local permits/licenses/inspections

  • Hire & train staff, finalize menu & pricing

  • Opening day!

We would love to help develop your plan - particularly as it relates to your restaurant equipment list - however, it might be beneficial as you move forward to consult with BigTray directly to finalize your list and discuss options. The equipment experts at BigTray can help you finalize your list and make sure you get great savings and discounts on your equipment package quote. You are also welcome to post here at REA if you'd like more information.

For information customized to your project, price quotations and package pricing, you may also reach BigTray by phone at 800-244-8729 (800-BIG-TRAY) or by email at Just let us know that you have questions about an opening package!

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