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How do you sear more steaks?

Q: Chef likes to sear steaks in a saute pan before broiling them. They come out great, but the saute station is getting crowded. Could we use a griddle for the searing?

A: You can certainly sear your steaks on a griddle and finish them on

the charbroiler and a lot of chefs do exactly that.

As your chef knows, searing on a griddle (or a saute pan) as opposed to throwing the meat right onto the broiler, means you will have a more consistent searing temperature and get more heat transferred to the meat faster.

A griddle is ideal for searing because it maintains temperature very well. An added benefit of searing first means you will have a more supportive surface for delicate ingredients like fish.

Once your product has a nice sear, you can transfer it to the broiler to finish, get grill marks, and soak up some smoke.

A griddle plate works so well in fact that many large steak houses use a special Steak House Broiler with a griddle built into it called a searing plate.

This video, from the folks at Montague, shows one of these awesome pieces of equipment in use and talks a little about the searing function of the griddle plate.

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If you decide that you want to add a griddle to your cook line we have several different sizes and capacities of griddles for your commercial kitchen. We carry broilers and steak house style overfired broilers as well. Take a look:

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