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What are the advantages of a Vollrath induction soup rethermalizer?

Q: What's the difference between an induction soup warmer and a regular one?

A: Induction cooking equipment has some neat advantages over more conventional cooking equipment. It cooks very evenly with precise temperature control and because you are only heating the pan and not a burner or element, it makes it much safer in situations where you are interacting with the public. Vollrath, who make both soup warmers and rethermalizers put together this video to talk about their induction rethermalizer:

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You can see in the video that induction cooking is an ideal option for buffet's, hot food bars or anyplace where your customers, or even untrained staff, are going to be using the equipment.

Vollrath's Induction rethermalizers and warmers can also save you money because their even, precise heat holds products for a long time with out over-cooking or drying.

It is important to note that you do need to make sure you have induction ready cookware. Induction equipment requires heavy duty, induction ready, steel pots and pans in order to function.

For a discussion a the differences between rethermalizers, cookers and warmers you take a look at this Q&A from a couple of weeks ago:

What's the difference between a warmer and a rethermalizer?

If you have more questions about induction warmers, rethermalizers or any other equipment ask it here on: Restaurant Equipment Answers.

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