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But will it shred cheese?

Q: We are looking to shred 40 lbs of cheese per session... cheddar cheese... how well does the Hobart Vegetable Slicer attachment on a Hobart floor mixer hold up to cheese ? Does it have to rest because it over heats? What is the volume per minute?

A: The Hobart VS9 Vegetable Slicer attachment is great for shredding cheese. It does not have to rest, the mixer has a super strong motor for mixing dough, so shredding cheese is easy for it.

Here is a short video of one of our fantastic Hobart reps explaining how the attachment works:

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If you have a 40 lb block of cheese you will need to cut it up first because the opening of the shredder is not big enough for a 40 lb. block of cheddar. I am not sure what the volume per minute is, but once the cheese is cut up you should be able to feed it through the shredder in a few minutes.

Lots and lots of our customers in the pizza business use the Hobart VS9 attachment for shredding cheese. They must know what they are doing because, as you can imagine, pizza restaurants shred a lot of cheese.

If you have more questions about the Hobart VS9 attachment, floor mixers or any other equipment ask it here on: Restaurant Equipment Answers.

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