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Groen Braising Pan - What can it cook?

Q: We are looking at a Groen braising pan for our commissary kitchen. We know we want one for our sauces. What else can we cook in there?

A: You can cook just about anything in a Groen Braising Pan. Groen makes their braising pans, also known as tilt skillets, with powerful heating elements or burners to cook just like a giant saute pan on a hot stove.

Groen braising pans are so versatile they can braise, roast, boil, fry, grill, sauté, steam, and even hold food.

Take a look at this video where Groen's, Chef Steve, demonstrates cooking a basic recipe in the 30 gallon Eclipse braising pan:

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The recipe is a basic one, but it really demonstrates the versatility and power that comes with one of these heavy duty pieces of food equipment.

Having the right equipment makes it easy to consistently prepare hand made recipes in large batches. We feel a braising pan is a must-have for a commissary kitchen or any large food service operation that demands quality and consistency.

If you have more questions about Groen Braising Pans or any other equipment ask it here on: Restaurant Equipment Answers.

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