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Steam Tables - How many pans will fit?

Q: I am trying to figure out what I need for my steam table that I ordered from you guys. I know I need adapter bars, but which ones? many little pans can I fit in one of the steam table wells?

A: The type of adapter bars you need, and what pans you use depends on the size of your steam table and how you decide to layout your pans.

We actually get asked this question so much that we decided to make a couple for videos to explain the answer:

Steam tables are great pieces of food equipment. They use water to regulate temperature so they can hold hot food for a long time with out over-cooking it. Steam table pans, also known as hotel pans, are made in standard sizes that can be arranged in many different configurations to suit your needs.

In the video below we demonstrate how you can use different pans to fill up the wells of your steam table to accommodate the great hot food that you serve at your restaurant.

No matter what sort of a food service operation you are running a steam table is useful and versatile piece of equipment that can play a central role plating and serving hot food.

We carry many different shapes and sizes of steam tables, steam table pans, and steam table accessories. If you have more questions about steam tables or any other food equipment ask it here on: Restaurant Equipment Answers.

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