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Commercial Dishwashers - What size do I need?

Q: I plan on opening a 120 seat restaurant, how big of a dishwasher do I need?

A: It sounds like you need a standard upright door-type dishwasher. All commercial dishwashers are able to wash dishes fairly quickly, so it's really one-size-fits-all. The limiting factor is going to be how your dish area is set-up and how fast the operator can load the machine.

Pictured above is the Jackson Tempstar, a high temperature, door type dishwasher. It's probably a good fit for your operation. High temperature dishwashers use a booster heater to 'boost' the temperature of your hot water to be hot enough to sanitize your dishes.

Another option for you , that uses less power, is an upright chemical sanitizing dishwasher. Chemical sanitizing, or 'low-temp' dishwashers, use chemicals to sanitize your dishes. Chemical sanitizing dishwashers are usually cheaper to purchase, but the cost of chemical sanitizer typically makes them more expensive to own than a heat sanitizing dishwasher.

Upright dishwashers work in conjunction with clean and dirty dishtables. Pictured to the right is a great, high volume warewashing set-up. in the foreground is the soiled dishtable where dirty dishes will be left by the busser and sorted by the dish person. Attached to the other side of the dish machine is the clean dishtable, where the freshly washed dishes leave the dish machine. It is crucial that your outgoing clean dishes do not come into contact with your incoming dirty dishes.

It's worth mentioning that your dish room needs to also include a 3 compartment sink. No matter what sort of dishwasher you buy, your local health inspector needs you to have a place to manually wash dishes.

Some other dish machine options to consider are undercounter dishwashers, and conveyor dishwashers. Undercounter dishwashers are smaller dishwashers that are configured with a front opening door like your dishwasher at home, but don't be fooled, these smaller dishwashers can still handle a full size dish rack and real restaurant dish duty. They make a great addition to a bar or other station in a busy restaurant. Or as the main dishwasher in a small restaurant or cafe.

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If your new restaurant is super busy you could also go with a conveyor dishwasher. Conveyor dishwashers use a track to move the dishracks through the machine and can handle more than one rack at a time. They can make them pretty much as big as you want, so if you think a conveyor dishwasher might be a fit for you, get in touch with our customer service department to go over options and sizes before you make a purchase. You can always call or send us an e-mail, 1-800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729) or

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