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How does the TurboChef Sota high speed oven work?

Q: We are looking at the Sota oven for our deli because it says it doesn't need a hood, but if it does such a good job cooking why doesn't it need a hood?

A: The Sota high speed oven from TurboChef uses a combination of high velocity heated air, known as impingement, and a microwave heating element to quickly cook and brown menu items in a fraction of the time as a conventional oven. It also cooks your product to a quality that is not possible in a microwave. The high velocity circulation of air means that your food will be browned and crunchy just the way your customers like it.

TurboChef recently visited and gave us a demonstration of their Sota oven. Take a look:

In the video you can see how the Sota oven works and you can see the great results this little oven produces.

By eliminating the need for a hood, TurboChef ovens allow operators a lot more flexibility in where and how these ovens can be used. Whether you are planning your concept around a ventless rapid cook ovens or want to add high quality hot foods to your existing menu the Sota oven is a wonderful option.

If you have more questions about the Sota oven, TurboChef ventless technology or any other equipment ask it here on: Restaurant Equipment Answers.

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