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Manual or Thermostatic Griddle Controls?

Q:How do I choose between a manual and thermostatic griddle?

A: A manual griddle has adjustable knobs just like on a gas range, they control the size of the flame under the griddle plate.

A thermostatic griddle allows you to set a particular temperature and the unit will automatically adjust to hold that temperature.

Which type of unit is better for you depends on your application and your budget.

When you drop cold food onto a hot griddle, the temperature of the plate drops, with a manual griddle, you may have to manually adjust the flame to keep the temperature where you want it.

The thermostatic controls automatically throttle the flame up to compensate for the drop in temperature on the surface of the griddle.

In the picture above you can see that there isn't a lot of outward difference between the two types of griddle. Some people call a griddle a 'flat-top' or even a 'grill'.

In most situations a thermostatically controlled griddle is probably preferred, but thermostatically controlled griddles cost more money. If you have an experienced chef that knows how to operate a manually controlled griddle or if you are going to keep your griddle as hot as you can get it most of the time, a manual griddle may be the way to go.

Above is an electric griddle, All electric griddles have thermostatic controls.

One other point to consider is cost of ownership. Initially manual griddles are quite a bit cheaper than thermostatically controlled ones, however over time the thermostatically controlled griddle will most likely use less gas, and depending on the skill level of the operator a thermostatically controlled griddle should also prevent burnt product. Both of these factors will save you money in the long term.

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