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How do I install the casters on my new True Mfg. Reach-in Refrigerator?

Q: How are we supposed to put the wheels on the bottom of our cooler when it arrives? It says it weighs 400 pounds! We don't have a forklift or anything!

A: Don't Worry! Putting the casters on your new True Mfg. reach-in cooler is easy. You're going to need a helper, but the two of you should be able to take care of it in a few minutes. You don't even need tools.

Once you have received your new refrigerator, it's time to put the casters on. Here are some helpful video instructions from the friendly folks at True:

It's as easy as that! Most of the weight in the unit is at the bottom so tipping it onto it's back is pretty easy. Once you have the casters attached you can roll your new cooler into your kitchen.

Here is a couple more tips for taking care of your new cooler:

  • After you set a new refrigerator or freezer in place, let it sit for 12 hours or so. The refrigerant needs to settle in the lines. Otherwise you risk shortening the life of the condenser.

  • Make sure you have something in the cooler before you plug it in. An empty cooler has to work extra hard to keep just air cold. Don't let empty refrigeration run for a long time.

We hope this new cooler is a great part of your commercial kitchen. If you need a new cooler or freezer for your restaurant or food service operation you can follow the links bellow:

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