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What's a coldplate?

Q: What does it mean when it says that the cocktail unit has a coldplate? Do I need that?

A: A coldplate is a welded insert for your 'cocktail unit' that uses ice to chill soda lines for dispensing cold cola, ginger ale, tonic, club soda, etc. at your bar.

Pictured above is Advance Tabco's SLI-12-24-7 cocktail unit. It's part of their Slim-Line under bar product range and is 12" deep by 24" wide with a 7 line coldplate. That means the the coldplate will chill 7 different flavors of beverage once the cocktail unit is filled with ice.

The coldplate is welded in from the factory to keep your ice free from possible contamination. While it does do a good job of keeping your soda cold it also makes your ice melt much faster.

Keep in mind that a coldplate is not the only way to chill soda lines. Ask your sales person about different options for refrigerating your soda or dispensed beverages

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