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What Work Table Works Best?

Q: What is the difference between the different types of restaurant worktables listed? I see economy, standard, and heavy duty work tables, which is best?

A: The difference between economy, standard, and heavy duty worktables is the gauge of stainless steel with which they are made. The lower the gauge, the heavier and thicker the steel. Generally, economy tables are 18 gauge stainless steel, standard tables are 16 gauge, and heavy duty worktables are 14 gauge stainless steel.

Pictured above is an economy, flat top, work table from Advance Tabco. It's an economy table so the metal the top is made from is relatively thin, but it's still a great table. You could do light prep on it or any other jobs that aren't too heavy.

Another advantage of 'economy' tables is that they are very low priced. If you are just trying to get the doors open on your project and need a table, an economy table may be the way to go. After your business takes off and you are being written up in the food blogs you can replace it with whatever fancy table you want.

For most kitchen jobs a standard table is what you want, either with a back splash, if it's going to be up against a wall, or a flat top, if the table will be an island.

For big jobs or to hold heavy equipment, you need a heavy duty work table. Heavy duty work tables are perfect for jobs like cutting meat, receiving orders, or stacking equipment on. If your table is going to be getting a lot of heavy use go for a heavy duty one.

Stainless steel work tables are also available with a ton of options and features too, like drawers, over-shelves, and even built-in sinks. Ask your sales person what's available for your work table!

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