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Can my ice machine live outdoors?

Q: I have a fishing boat, can I put my ice machine outside?

Commercial ice machines are intended for indoor use. When they are placed outside, they are subject to rust and other damages from weather conditions as well as corrosion from salty sea air.

Pictured above is a Hoshizaki KM-901MAH/B900PF/HS2035. It produces 912 lbs. of ice in a 24 hour period and stores 660 pounds of ice.

Most of the upright ice machines we sell come as a cuber and bin combination in sizes that we think are a good fit for the food service industry, if you are interested in other cuber and bin combinations, or buying just a cuber or bin by itself, let your customer service person know and they can tell you about your options

The ice maker to left is a Manitowoc UY-0310A and it is designed to go under a counter. It's production is only 300 lbs per 24 hour period with a non-modular storage capacity of 100 lbs. It's smaller size makes it a great option to fit into smaller commercial kitchens, bars and lounges or any other indoor areas.

The damage caused by outdoor exposure to your ice maker won't be covered under warranty and could void your warranty completely, so it's best to find an area indoors for your ice machine. Ice machines work best in areas that are kept at 50-70° F. Too cold, and you risk damaging the ice machine with frost, too hot, and the ice maker will have to work extra hard to make ice, wearing out the machine prematurely.

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