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Does a Glass Door Merchandiser replace a reach-in, in your commercial kitchen?

Q: Can I use a GDM-49 inside my kitchen? They are less expensive than the stainless ones and I would like to save some money.

A: Refrigerated glass door merchandisers, such as the True Mfg, GDM-49, are not intended for storing open food containers. They are NSF certified only for packaged product, such as bottled beverages and pre-wrapped food. If you would like to have glass doors on your refrigerator inside the kitchen, I recommend using a glass door reach-in refrigerator like the one pictured below:

Above is True Mfg's T-49G glass door reach-in cooler. Having glass doors on a kitchen cooler is a great way to show off your fresh ingredients let your busy staff know what's inside at a glance.

Below is the GDM-49, It's great for keeping things like soda, packaged foods, or even individually packaged prepared foods, cold and available for your customers to help themselves too, but it is not designed to be used in a restaurant kitchen and your health inspector won't allow it to be used there.

I hope that answers your question. The reach-in coolers are a slightly larger investment initially, but in the long run they are the best choice. Reach-in coolers and freezers are designed with durability and sanitary food storage in mind for your busy food service operation.

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