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Char-Rock or Charbroiler? Which is best for fish?

Q: What's the difference between char-rock charbroilers and radiant charbroilers? Is one considered best for fish?

A: Grilled seafood is a popular item on menus across the country, but it does present some challenges in the kitchen. Delicate fish can be hard to remove from larger cooking grates and grates that are too widely spaced might not provide enough support to keep your fish out of the fire.

Pictured above is a 24" Ultramax charbroiler from Star Mfg. It is available with steel radiants: STR8124RCBA or as a char-rock broiler: STR8024CBA

Gas charbroilers typically have two different ways to impart a smoke flavor; either a layer of lava rock or ceramic briquettes, or steel radiants are placed between your food and the flame.

When juices and fats drip down onto the hot radiants or rocks, the juices combust, producing smoke. The smoke from this combustion flavors your food and gives it that classic grilled taste that we all love so much. We feel that radiant broilers are more durable with lower maintenance than char-rock broilers, but many chefs feel that lava rocks or ceramic briquettes impart a unique flavor that is worth the extra maintenance. Neither style of broiler is necessarily better for fish, but most manufacturers do make special fish grids that can be special ordered for whatever broiler you decide to purchase. Fish grids are more closely spaced, lighter gauge grates that help to prevent the fish from sticking to or falling through the grates.

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