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Do I need a full stainless steel interior for my reach-in cooler?

Q: I see that some of the coolers have a stainless steel interior. Do we need that for the refrigeration we are going to put into our new restaurant?

A: Stainless steel interiors are a nice option for your reach-in coolers and freezers, but they aren't necessary for every cooler in your operation. Usually a standard interior is plenty durable. A stainless steel interior is a good option for the coolers and freezers that are really going to take a beating in your commercial kitchen. If a unit is going to have heavy hard objects, like loaded pots and pans frequently getting slammed or thrown inside, a stainless interior is a good idea.

It's what's inside that counts. Take a look at the cooler above, It's our most popular refrigerator, the T-49, made in the USA by True Mfg. It comes standard with a very tough white vinyl over aluminum interior and a stainless floor. If you wanted to get it with an all stainless interior you would order a TS-49.

Here is a picture of the bottom of a standard T-49 cooler. It shows the white vinyl over aluminum walls of the cooler and the stainless steel floor. On the all stainless unit the walls would be the same color as the floor.

So, to review, you probably don't need stainless interiors unless you are going to have the reach-in on your cook line or maybe someplace like a receiving area where it is going to get a ton of use and abuse, otherwise the standard interior is fine.

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