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What is the difference between the Southbend Bronze and Silver convection ovens?

Q: We're looking at Southbend for our convection oven. The 'Silverstar' series looks like it's about $1000 more than the 'Bronze' convection oven. What's the difference? Is it worth it?

A: That's a tough question, What really matters is what your application and your budget is. To justify it's higher price a more expensive piece of equipment should do a better job; either cook faster or hotter, be more efficient, last longer or maybe do something that cheaper equipment just can't do.

Both of these Southbend units are great pieces of equipment, but the Silverstar series convection ovens have some great features that the Bronze convection ovens just don't have.

Pictured above is the Southbend SLGS/12SC Silverstar gas convection and the BGS/12SC Bronze gas convection oven. The obvious difference is the legs on the Silverstar look quite a bit more sturdy, but the really important differences are on the inside. The Silverstar oven comes with more efficient and powerful 72,000 Btu burners while the Bronze oven only has the basic 54,000 Btu's

Higher Btu's means the Silverstar oven can recover much faster than the Bronze oven, and cook the products more evenly, There is a similar difference in power and capacity between the Silverstar and Bronze Electric ovens. More efficient burners also mean that cooking a given product or recipe will use less energy. This energy savings could add up to mean a lower cost of ownership than a cheaper, but less efficient oven.

Even though the Silverstar oven can handle more through-put the Bronze oven is still a great choice. It is made in the same factory out of the same top quality materials as the Silverstar oven. If you are struggling to get the doors open on your new restaurant or commercial kitchen, the savings offered by the Bronze ovens make it a great choice, and when your new location takes off you can always upgrade to a new oven in the future.

I hope that helps you with your decision. We sell a lot of both of these ovens and I can honestly say they are both great and well worth the money. Please let us know if you have any more restaurant equipment questions here on Restaurant Equipment Answers!

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