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Can I use a Blodgett deck oven with propane? Or only with natural gas?

Q: Our event catering project is super busy! We want a pizza oven like we have at the restaurant to take to events. Can we get a propane Blodgett deck oven?

A: Yes! You sure can. Almost all gas cooking equipment is also available in propane gas (AKA: Liquid Propane or LP gas)

A commercial deck oven like the Blodgett 911P pictured below is going to be a total game changer to have on location at a catered event, or in your festival booth.

As you know, the cool thing about propane is that you can put it in bottles and tanks and take it to your events. Also if you have a food service operation in a remote location, like a lodge or camp, you might not have access to natural gas, so a propane tank and regular LP deliveries is a great idea if you don't already have them.

The first step in getting propane food service equipment is getting in touch with your BigTray customer service person. They can contact the factory for you and find out what it takes to get you a propane unit. Usually the conversion kit consists of new orifices, jets, and a propane regulator.

Sometimes all you need to to do is let us know you will be using propane in your restaurant or at your catering events. Other times the food equipment manufacturer will require that you change the parts out yourself once you have received your equipment. Occasionally food equipment companies may charge for a propane conversion kit.

Whatever it takes, BigTray customer service can get you the right parts, and quote you the correct price for a propane oven or conversion kit.

If you do end up needing to switch out the parts at your location, it's an easy process that shouldn't require a service technician. If you get stuck, give us a call!

I hope that helps you. We are really happy to hear that your food business is expanding! Please let us know if you have any more restaurant equipment questions here on Restaurant Equipment Answers!

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