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Is a chrome griddle right for your commercial kitchen?

Q: We saw some chrome griddles at the restaurant show and really liked how they look. Are they worth it?

A: Chrome griddles have some great advantages over standard griddles, but they are more expensive and require some training for your employees, especially when it's time for clean-up.

A chrome griddle will look awesome in your commercial restaurant kitchen. There is no doubt about that and many of our customers that have gone with chrome griddles swear by them.

A chrome griddle works just like a normal griddle except that the griddle plate has a thin layer of chrome over it. The chrome is highly reflective, and presents a mirror like cooking surface. Besides looking cool, the chrome offers a couple of unique benefits.

Restaurant griddles with chromed tops radiate less heat to the air, but transfer heat to your product more efficiently than a standard cook-line griddle.

Chrome griddle manufacturers boast a 30% or more energy savings over standard griddles. For example, a four burner 100,000 BTU griddle, that gets used 10 hours a day, could save you around $40 a month on your natural gas bill.

Since chrome griddles radiate less heat you also get less of a load on your kitchen hood system which should reduce maintenance costs and cleaning times. It also means your restaurant kitchen and your chef stay a little cooler, and that has to be worth something.

A chrome griddle top also has natural non-stick characteristics. This means easier cooking and less food waste. Non-stick surfaces additionally get less flavor transfer between products and are easier to clean.

Here is an instructional video from Lang Mfg. It's a great run through of cleaning a chrome griddle in a typical food service application.

The primary drawback of chrome is it's initial cost. Chrome griddles are significantly more expensive than standard griddles. This initial investment should eventually pay dividends from energy savings and the other benefits of a chrome griddle, but it is the first thing most people shopping for restaurant equipment will consider.

Something else to consider is the durability of the chrome. If the chrome is properly maintained it can easily last as long as any other piece of quality restaurant equipment in your commercial kitchen. However, the chrome can be damaged by abrasive cleaners.

A pumice stone or 'griddle brick' can QUICKLY RUIN YOUR CHROME GRIDDLE. It is important to let any employees know to not use these types of cleaning tools on your chrome griddle. Once scratched, the chrome will quickly deteriorate. The chrome surface is very hard and tough but it is not designed to withstand cleaning by strong abrasives.

Most commercial griddle manufacturers offer chrome as an option for their griddles. If you want a chrome top on your griddle you have to specify that at the time of order. For pricing, please call our customer service team at 1800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729) or email them at

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