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Alto Shaam Smokers don't require a hood.

Q: Can we really add a smoker to our kitchen without a hood?

A: Yes! You can add an electric smoker, like the ones manufactured by Alto Shaam, to your commercial kitchen set-up without a hood. Electric smokers cook at a very low temperature so they don't produce a ton of exhaust, just enough smoke to perfectly flavor your food. With an electric smoker, you can smoke all kinds of food, even cheese, because the temperature is low, and because the smoker has no exhaust vents, you won't need a hood.

Pictured above is the 767-SK cook and hold smoker from Alto Shaam. It's compact and because it cooks at a low and slow rate it can reduce food waste costs on proteins by 30% by keeping juices and flavor locked in your product.

The smoke in an electric smoker comes from wood chips or pellets that are heated to the smoking point by a small electric element. The smoke is then circulated around the inside of the smoker with a fan. The great smokey flavor naturally adheres to your product. Depending on the temperature setting you use you can either completely slow cook a product or just add smoke to it and then cook it later.

Electric smokers don't take up much room, don't need a hood, and they are a great way to get creative with some of the products that you already have in-house.

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