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Is a pasta cooker right for your commercial kitchen?

Q: Our new restaurant will have pasta on the menu. Should we include a pasta cooker with our equipment package?

A: If you are planing on doing a lot of cooked-to-order pasta, then a pasta cooker is a really good idea, and including it on the cook line from the very beginning will help to insure that the pasta dishes on your menu do well.

A pasta cooker will maintain water temperature much better than a pot on a burner. This means that your pasta will cook faster and with more consistent results, giving your chef more time to dial in those noodle dishes to keep your customers coming back for more.

Pictured above is a 60,000 BTU, NOD14 pasta cooker from Southbend. Not only does this pasta cooker cook pasta well, it also makes clean-up much easier than lugging around a stock pot full of hot water. Behind the door at the front of the unit is a 1-1/4" drain. Plan on having a floor drain or grate installed in your floor below this, and draining the unit for clean-up is as easy as turning a valve.

Another option if you plan on doing less pasta, is a counter top pasta cooker like this one from Nemco:

Counter-top pasta cookers have less capacity than floor models but they do offer much more consistent water heating than a pot on a range top.

I hope that helps you with your decision. Pasta is a delicious and profitable, especially if it is cooked consistently. Please let us know if you have any more restaurant equipment questions here on Restaurant Equipment Answers!

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