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Three Compartment Sink Sizes

Q: What is the smallest 3 compartment sink with drainboards that you sell?

A: We sell some pretty small 3 compartment sinks, but it's really important to get the right 3 compartment sink for your business. Most food service operations need a sink that is largest enough to wash your dishes, pots and pans, and cooking utensils in.

We get it, sinks are no fun. Everyone loves to shop for ranges and broilers, mixers and slicers, but very often warewashing, and sinks in particular, are an after-thought. It's too bad because the proper dish set-up can really save you money on labor and utilities.

Back to the question: the smallest 3 compartment sink with drainboards we have is this little guy:

It's 60" long and is made here is the USA by Advance Tabco. It has three, 10" x 14" compartments and two, 11-5/8" drainboards. We call it a convenience store sink, because that is the typical application it is used for. It is probably too small for most food service applications. Your health inspector would like you to be able to submerge your largest pot & pans in your sink. If you are only rinsing out a coffee pot or washing the hot dog tongs, a convenience store sink should work great for you.

If you are doing any sort of food production; prepping veggies, cooking recipes, or making sandwiches, you really need to get a larger sink or you might not pass your health inspection. For just a little bit more money you can get this great restaurant sized sink, also made by our buddies at Advance Tabco:

Pictured above is the T9-3-54-18RL-X. It's 91" long and has three, 16" x 20" basins along with two very useful 18" drainboards. It is also surprisingly affordable.

We understand that some people really do need a tiny a sink, but before you purchase a very small sink make sure the sink you buy fits your needs and will meet your local health inspector's requirements.

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