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New Walk-in, What Now?

Q: We are loving our new Masterbilt walk-in cooler. It has truly been a game changer for our restaurant's kitchen. Is there anything we should be doing in particular to take care of it?

A: We are so glad the new walk-in is working out for your commercial kitchen! The main thing to do with walk-in maintenance is to keep it clean. The inside of the walk-in, where you store your food needs to be kept clean, but also you need to plan on a regular cleaning of the refrigeration unit. This can be kind of big job so it might be worth having a refrigeration technician come out to do it on a regular schedule.

In the picture above you can see the refrigeration system mounted on top of the walk-in cooler. Part of the refrigeration system is the condenser coil. These resemble a car radiator or the condenser of an air conditioner. A fan blows through these coils to cool off the refrigerant that keeps your walk-in cold. If dust, dirt or debris is allowed to build up on these coils they will rapidly lose efficiency and your walk-in will have to work harder and harder to maintain a safe holding temperature for your product.

Basic maintenance requires you to keep the condenser clean. A stiff brush or compressed air is a great way to keep your walk-in condenser coils clean. Be careful though because the fins on the coils are very thin and delicate, do not bend the fins as this can reduce the efficiency of the coil. The fan also needs to be kept clean and can easily be wiped down with warm soapy water while disconnected from the power supply.

Keeping the inside of your walk-in cooler clean is pretty straight forward, sweep and spot mop as needed, and clean up any spills right away. The inside of a walk cooler tends to be pretty damp and excess moisture could cause a slip and fall accident.

It's also important to avoid harsh cleaners as these can harm the interior finish of your cooler.

A final step in any refrigeration maintenance is to keep a daily a log of holding temperatures taken with an accurate thermometer. Any deviation from safe holding temperature should be dealt with immediately.

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