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Conveyor toasters for self-serve?

Q: Are all of the commercial conveyor toasters that you sell okay for use on our self-serve breakfast buffet?

A: Most of the lighter duty conveyor toasters we carry are fine for buffet service. The higher capacity machines are probably a better fit for back-of-the-house use. Putting a conveyor toaster on your buffet line is a great way to ensure that the line keeps moving, but you probably don't need a heavy-duty conveyor toaster for that application.

Here is a great, entry-level conveyor toaster from Vollrath that is well suited to a self-serve application:

The Vollrath CT2-120350 pictured above has simple dial controls, a small footprint and a capacity of around 350 slices per hour. If you need a higher capacity unit we are really excited about Hatco's new TQ-3 series of conveyor toaster. The TQ-3 series uses Hatco's Patented ColorGuard Sensing System to automatically control belt speed to consistently achieve perfect toast. The unit is programmable for 12 different settings and features a USB port so programs can be uploaded to the toaster. It also looks great and can be ordered in black, red or stainless finishes.

Hatco's TQ-3 series is available in different capacities to fit the volume of your particular location. No matter what capacity TQ-3 you choose they all include a programmable power save mode that will reduce utility consumption during times of inactivity, reducing the cost your ownership and increasing safety.

Even though these conveyor toasters are virtually fool-proof, it is important to make sure that your buffet is well staffed. Train your buffet attendants in the use of any equipment you decide to add to your buffet line and make sure your staff is always nearby while the equipment is in use.

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