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Portable Commercial Refrigerator?

Q: Our restaurant's curbside pick-up program is doing great, but our inspector wants us to have a refrigerator at our outdoor pick-up site. Do you have a small commercial cooler that we can wheel outside and then wheel back inside when we are closed?

A: Most of the commercial reach-in refrigerators that we carry come with casters (wheels) so they can be wheeled around to clean under or to be moved to different locations. Take a look at this TUC-27 from True Mfg:

Like most of our coolers it comes with casters. It is also small enough that it can be moved around pretty easily. You will need to plug the cooler in for it to work though so make sure you have a power source at your pick-up location.

Another option in a similar size is a worktop cooler. True Mfg's worktop coolers feature a backsplash on the top of the cooler which might be nice for staging those to-go orders.

If your cooler is going to be getting a lot of mileage, either moved around a lot or moved over uneven surfaces, you might want to consider having a dolly or cart built for it. The coolers do come with casters, but the casters are designed to move the cooler for cleaning and not for being rolled across a big restaurant every day. Also the back of the cooler is not finished so unless you plan to put the cooler up against a wall having it enclosed will help keep your operation looking it's best.

Maybe you could even add a small heated holding cabinet like this one from Alto Shaam for a hot and cold staging cart:

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