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Best Food Slicer for our Restaurant?

Q: We are planning on doing a ton of deli platters this winter, what slicer do you recommend?

A: Getting the right slicer really depends on the amount of slicing volume you will be doing in your food business. Larger, heavier duty slicers will make big jobs much easier and potentially safer, but smaller units can do a great job too without taking up as much space or costing as much money. Right now we have a bunch of great deals on Globe Slicers.

Heavy duty slicers easily cut through deli meats and even slice cheese without a problem. Some heavy duty slicers, like the 3975NF from Globe that is pictured above, are available with an automatic slicing feature. Once the unit is set to slice automatically the operator can step away and work on other things while the carriage moves on it's own.

The majority of slicers that we sell are medium duty slicers, typically with a 12” blade. Medium duty slicers have enough capacity to handle most deli meats and some cheese. We recommend medium duty slicers for small sandwich shops or restaurants that offer some fresh-sliced meats, and occasionally prep sliced cheese.

The Globe G12 slicer pictured above is a great medium duty option. It has a 12" blade and beefy 1/2 hp motor.

The smallest slicers we carry are considered light-duty and are only good for occasional use. These light-duty slicers are a good fit for food service operations that will have sliced meats for some specials or want to slice some veggies.

You can see Globes smallest slicer in the picture above. It only has a 9" blade so it's not a good candidate for a busy deli, but it might be a great fit for a salad station or a commercial kitchen that will only use it for less than 30 minutes a day.

Another consideration for slicer sizing is the size of slice it can produce. It needs to be big enough to accommodate your product. Take a look at this handy slicer selection chart from Globe:

If you have more questions about which slicer will work for your application you can always contact our team of restaurant equipment experts at 1-800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729) or email To browse slicers or other commercial cooking equipment, follow the links below to our website:

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