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Vulcan is Your Choice for Best-in-Class Countertop Food Equipment

Vulcan Mfg. recently received several best-in-class awards from FE&S magazine, these included a best-in-class award for counter griddles and charbroilers.

Along with hot plates, griddles and charbroilers are great pieces of countertop equipment for any restaurant kitchen. Vulcan's countertop equipment has the same usability as Vulcan's best-in-class ranges, but don't come with an oven base. Countertop equipment requires a stand or must be mounted on top of another piece of equipment like a set of refrigerated drawers.

Countertop equipment can be a better deal for a lot of businesses because it costs less than a full-blown range, it's easier to move and it can be stacked on existing equipment or mounted on an equipment stand to leave you storage space below the equipment.

Vulcan makes countertop hotplates:


And Charbroilers:

All these come in various sizes with different options. For a lot of commercial cook-lines these three types of equipment are enough, but don't forget the equipment stands:

Countertop equipment is a great option to have when you are setting up your commercial kitchen or replacing old equipment. If you have questions about any equipment give us a call. We'll get you set-up with a dedicated equipment expert that can tell you what has worked for other successful restaurants that are similar to yours. We are happy to work with you, your staff and your budget. We've been selling restaurant equipment online for nearly 20 years, we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

BigTray sells Best-In-Class Equipment from Vulcan.

If you want to do some more research on commercial food equipment or request pricing for your restaurant project, get in touch with our friendly and helpful customer service team at 1-800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729) or

You can also always ask your questions right here on Restaurant Equipment Answers

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