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Choose the right ingredients for your busy food business, choose True.

True Mfg. Prep Tables are the center piece of successful kitchen workflows.

We just got back from the 2018 Pizza Expo and we are pretty excited about how cool True Mfg prep tables are. Prep tables are a key part of workflows in Pizza operations and other commercial kitchens.

Workflows are key to the success of your busy food business. Just like your recipes come together to make your signature dishes, kitchen workflows put all of your food equipment, kitchen space, and staff together to make your concept run.

True mfg pizza prep tables and sandwich prep tables are key to your restaurant kitchen workflows. They provide uniform cold holding with standardized food pans in an easily accessible table with convenient cold storage below.

True refrigerated prep tables come standard with the food industries best warranty backed up by True's no hassle service network.

If you are considering refrigeration for your food business ask our expert sales team about package deals on True!

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