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Southbend: Creating Today's Cooking Solutions.

Southbend, a division of the Middleby Corporation, is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture of heavy-duty, commercial food equipment.

Southbend has been making food equipment right here in the US for over 100 years! Which is a pretty good track record, but something that sets Southbend apart from other companies is their continued ability to innovate and their commitment to quality.

Not only is Southbend a great company with a great line of equipment, they are also an office favorite at BigTray. They make well thought out machines, at good price points, and they have great around the clock warranty service.

Look, you work in a restaurant, you know it's tough. People are hard on equipment, budgets are tight, business is literally on-fire. That's why Southbend puts in the extra effort to make all their products a little bit tougher, a little better value, and a little easier to work with.

If you want a custom chef suite like the one pictured above you better call us: 1-800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729)

If you want long lasting heavy duty equipment with a fantastic return on investment take a look at equipment from Southbend!

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Have a question, or ready for a quote? Call us at 800-244-9729, or email us today!

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1-800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729)
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