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Charbroilers from Southbend, your Commercial Broiling Solution.

Charbroiled foods are front and center on many restaurant menus, and commercial charbroilers from Southbend are the focus of today's Restaurant Equipment Answers blog post.

We've already talked about Southbend and their excellent line of commercial restaurant ranges, let's take a look at another mainstay of the commercial kitchen, the charbroiler.

Southbend makes a few types of broiler, a countertop broiler like the one shown above, salamanders, and larger upright infrared broilers. Salamanders are available either as a range mount or with legs to be set on a counter, and large super-powerful upright broilers are the ideal solution for steak houses. Please contact us with any questions you have.

Today we are going to focus on countertop charbroilers.

Countertop broilers are pretty basic pieces of equipment, they consist of a burner, over which sits a radiant which both sit below the grate, where you place your food. Southbend makes their burners from stainless steel and their radiants and grates from cast iron. Cast iron radiants are much thicker than radiants made from mild or stainless steel and because of this thickness they are better able to withstand the intense cooking conditions of a commercial kitchen. Thicker radiants stand up better to the corrosive effects of carbon and more importantly have a much faster recovery time when paired with Southbend's high capacity burners.

Faster recovery time means you can cook more product faster which means you can serve more tops per night. If your grilled items are the most popular and most expensive items on your menu then your charbroiler is a great place to invest a little more money to insure you keep up with demand at your restaurant.

If you want long lasting heavy duty equipment with a fantastic return on investment take a look at equipment from Southbend!

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