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Alto Shaam Combi Ovens.

A combi oven from Alto Shaam can combine many jobs in your kitchen to increase efficiency, consistency, and make new ways of cooking available for your commercial kitchen.

Alto Shaam's philosophy is that when you truly put control in the hands of the chef anything is possible, and it really shows with some of the incredible menu items that food service operators are adding to their menus. Just for starters check out this quick guide on how to smoke cheese in an Alto Shaam combi oven:

A combi oven works by cooking with convection heat and moisture in precisely controlled and programmable amounts. When you have the ability to control how moisture is added to the cooking chamber a lot of cool options become available, including starting a recipe cooking in steam and finishing the recipe with dry heat, or vice versa. Another feature that we really like about Alto Shaam's combi ovens is that they are truly self-cleaning. After you smoke your cheese you can clean the oven and start cooking desserts.

Combi ovens are a great investment, but like any good investment they require careful research and planning. That's where we come in. Give us a call with your questions about combi ovens and put our expert customer service team to work for you. We know what has worked for other business like yours in the past and we know the latest features and benefits of a wide variety of name brand equipment.

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