Need help with food equipment purchasing for multiple locations?

June 5, 2017

Q: We have 5 stores, can BigTray work with my purchasing department to ship orders to different locations? What about restaurant equipment quotes and bids? 


A: Yes! We are here to help. Many of our customers are small to medium size chains or restaurant groups that are already benefiting from working with our team. Shipping to multiple locations is as easy giving your customer service person the addresses of your different stores. All of your locations will be filed under the same account so you can easily access your order history and manage your billing options.

If your purchasing department needs a price quote, we are happy to provide pricing on new restaurant equipment as you need it. We can usually have quotes and bids for single units or small packages returned the next business day and sometimes sooner. While larger package quotes or full kitchen build-outs, might take a few days. We will always apply your best discount to our bids, so you know that you are getting a great price and great service.


Once you've approved our pricing we will process the order and ship when and where you want. 


As your food business continues to grow we want to grow with you, that is why we keep track of all your orders and equipment purchases. If you want a new store to have the same opening equipment package as another store, just let us know and we can quickly send you a package quote for your new location.  


BigTray is committed helping all of our customers make the very best food equipment purchases for their particular needs. We won't try to low-ball a quote with off-brand junk and we won't try to push you into expensive heavy equipment if you situation doesn't require it. We really do have the equipment brands you trust and the prices you need. 

One of the griddles pictured above costs about 3 times as much as the other griddle. Which one is better for your store? We sell them both and they are both great griddles for the right application. 


If ordering restaurant equipment and supplies for your business is a headache, or if getting a purchase order processed feels like pulling teeth, don't jump through any more hoops. Set aside a few minutes and get on the phone with one of our customer service people. Explain to them what you need and we will help stream line your ordering process.  1-800-BIG-TRAY (1-800-244-8729) or


If you have more questions you can ask them here on REA and you can always call or send us an e-mail,


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Star-Max® Griddle, Thermostatic Control, Gas, 24" Wide

Vulcan Heavy Duty Griddle, Thermostatic Controlled, Gas​ 24" Wide  


Have a question, or ready for a quote? Call us at 800-244-9729, or email us today!



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