Is a hotplate hot enough?

September 22, 2017

Q: We have a hotplate on our equipment list, but is that going to be hot enough for cooking food in our restaurant? Don't we need a restaurant range? 


A: A hotplate is just like a restaurant range without an oven base. We sell several different commercial hotplates and some of them are very small, but most of them are designed to do the same job as the burners on a typical restaurant range. Gas hot plates in particular work just like a range. They are manufactured with heavy-duty materials and have high capacity gas burners for busy food service applications, like saute during your dinner rush. Take a look:  

Pictured above is a 36", 6 burner hotplate from Vulcan Hart. It is equipped with 30,000 BTU cast iron burners just like a restaurant range. 


The great thing about hotplates is that they can be mounted over other equipment, like refrigerated drawers or placed on an equipment stand. Not everyone needs an oven below their range, and hotplates are the right equipment to fill the role of a range without the base. Hotplates also come in 2 or 4 burner configurations. If you have a small space but need a burner or four, a hot-plate is the way to go.  Take a look at this 2 burner hot plate from Star Mfg:


The Star Mfg. 602HF pictured above has 2, 25,000 BTU burners that are plenty hot enough to sear proteins or boil big pots of water. It does need to go under your hood or other proper ventilation, but it is so small you can fit it just about anywhere or even take it to a catering location.  


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